Annie LeBlanc Teases Deleted Scene with Asher Angel in Utopia Music Video on Lipstick N’ Lyrics

We have watched Annie LeBlanc's career skyrocket from YouTube personality to bona fide singer and we couldn't be more happy for her! We invite her back to the Young Hollywood Studio for another round of our Lipstick N' Lyrics series to get some insight on her latest single, "Utopia", scrawling the lyrics on our mirror in lipstick while explaining the meaning, message, and inspiration behind them! Find out how the HBO series "Euphoria" was an influence on the song's origins, plus Annie gives us the scoop on the music video for the song, which co-stars her boo Asher Angel, and teases a scene that didn't quite make the cut! The very busy artist also shares with us some of the things that are her own "utopia" and what she would do if she had a day off!

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October 09, 2019 | by Young Hollywood