Bismack Biyombo on NBA Bubble and His Favorite Air Jordans

The pandemic and quarantine has disrupted almost every facet of our daily, normal lives, from grocery shopping to being able to watch our favorite athletes compete. But the NBA has been making solid efforts to get their players back on the court, not just for our entertainment but for their livelihoods! It's been a unique and intense process getting the league back up and running, but the players have shown they are willing to do what needs to be done to get back in the game! Charlotte Hornets star Bismack Biyombo is one such player, and Young Hollywood catches up with him via Zoom to find out more about how he's been dealing with quarantine and what it's been like for players in the now-infamous "Bubble". He also chat with us about his extensive kicks collection (including his favorite pair of Air Jordans), plus he reveals what he would tell his teenage self and explains the benefits of meditation!

September 29, 2020 | by Young Hollywood