Eddie Redmayne Talks 'Les Misérables' Auditions & Warm-Ups

The dashing and talented Eddie Redmayne pays a visit to the Studio to give us the scoop on the phenomenal big screen musical, 'Les Misérables', including the grueling audition process, the innovative use of live singing, and the non-stop Oscar buzz surrounding himself and his co-stars! Let's see if we can sing our way through this interview! Hosted by Nikki Novak (@nikkinovak).

Andy Garcia's Phone Call With Brando

Oscar-nominated actor Andy Garcia visits the YH Studio to chat about his film 'A Dark Touch' and also shares with us a great story about a telephone conversation with the late, great Marlon Brando!

Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald Perform Live In-Studio

Married couple Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald pay a visit to the YH Studio to show off some of their joint creative efforts, including a live performance of their sweet duet "All I'm Asking"!

"The New Normal" Young Star Boxes & Does Impressions

"The New Normal" star Bebe Wood is one of the most interesting people to visit the YH Studio, and she's not even in her teens yet! Find out why the young actress has us feeling so inadequate!

Tom Everett Scott on Old School Vs. New School

Actor Tom Everett Scott drops by the YH Studio to talk about his hilarious generational comedy 'Parental Guidance', and we quiz him on some things that are considered "old school" versus "new school"!

Matt Barnes & Gloria Govan Play The Newlywed Game

L.A. Clippers forward Matt Barnes and his wife (and "Basketball Wives" star) Gloria Govan stop by the YH Studio where we challenge them to our version of The Newlywed Game, touching on such topics as pet peeves, driving, and Christmas gifts!

Garrett Hedlund Talks Womanizing 'On The Road'

Garrett Hedlund returns to the YH Studio to chat about his Beat Generation flick, 'On The Road', inspired by Jack Kerouac's classic novel; it's super hip, daddy-o!

'Zero Dark Thirty' Star Edgar Ramirez Gets Diplomatic

It's a free-for-all in the YH Studio when actor Edgar Ramirez stops by to discuss his critically-acclaimed film 'Zero Dark Thirty', answer Twitter questions, and instigate a pillow fight!

'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Star's Many Talents

The charismatic little star of 'Beasts of the Southern Wild', Quvenzhané Wallispays a visit to the Studio to show off some of her other talents, munch on some churros, and tell us what other profession besides acting she is aiming for!