How SmartSweets CEO Tara Bosch Is Changing The Candy Game

Is candy without sugar still candy? Tara Bosch says absolutely, and anyone who's had her candy will surely agree! The intrepid entrepreneur pays a visit to the Young Hollywood Studio with a box of her amazing low-sugar, all-natural, non-GMO SmartSweets at hand, and it's the answer to every sweet tooth's prayers! Tara has come up with a formula that allows sugar addicts to indulge in their favorite treats without the consequences to their health, and we are here for it! She tells us how the business got started and the initial struggle to find retailers--persistence is key! She also discusses the extremely hectic life of a start-up CEO, plus she talks about her experience on Canada's version of "Shark Tank", "Dragons' Den", and she shares her thoughts on where she would like to see herself and her business ventures in the future!

April 17, 2019 | by Young Hollywood