Chris Harrison Plays Heads Up: The Bachelor/Bachelorette Edition

Season 24 of ABC's "The Bachelor" is in full gear, with Peter "Pilot Pete" Weber at the wheel, and nothing can contain our excitement! And if there is any person on this planet who knows their "Bachelor" facts better than us, it's the show's longtime host Chris Harrison! Chris stops by the Young Hollywood Studio to enable and encourage our obsession, and he puts our own knowledge of the series to the test with a game of "Heads Up" -- The Bachelor/Bachelorette Edition! We are tasked with guessing the name of a past Bachelor or Bachelorette (or contestant) with the help of Chris's clues, so really it's a challenge for both sides! How many do we get right?! How spot-on are his clues?! Do we know more about the show than he does, or is it a toss-up?! Watch and find out!

January 19, 2020 | by Young Hollywood