13 Reasons Why's Devin Druid Spills His Co-Stars' Secrets

After 3, going on 4, seasons of working together, we can't help but wonder -- do the actors from Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" have as many secrets as their on-screen counterparts?! Star Devin Druid is in the Young Hollywood Studio, so we take this opportunity to find out all the dirt we can on his co-stars and get him to spill the tea in a game of "13 Cast Secrets"! Find out which cast member is in to bird-watching, whose sleeping habits have been meticulously documented in photos, and who always nails their scenes in one take! Plus, Devin reveals which co-star he hangs out with the most away from the set and what actors from another hit Netflix show he would love to see guest star on his!

September 09, 2019 | by Young Hollywood