Why Singer Faouzia Never Posts Dancing Videos on TikTok

The months-long (so far) quarantine has forced many of us to adjust to a new reality and way of life, and none more so than artists. Finding a way to remain creative and put out content for their fans has definitely been a challenge, but so many of them, like Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter Faouzia, are more than up to the task! Young Hollywood catches up with the musician via Zoom to check in on how her quarantine is going and any new hobbies or habits she has picked up along the way and get the scoop on her new EP 'Stripped'! She tells us what vibe to expect from the record, which features her dope singles "Secrets" and "How It All Works Out", and gives us a little behind-the-scenes deets on the making of her music videos! She also reveals why she never posts dancing TikTok even though she loves them, plus we play a Game of Go-Tos to find out her favorite YouTube Channel, her typical coffee order, who she always turns to first for advice, and more!

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August 05, 2020 | by Young Hollywood