Mahogany Lox on Making TikTok History

Mahogany Lox has musical talent in her veins. The granddaughter of Motown legend Berry Gordy, the niece of LMFAO's Redfoo and younger sister of Sky Blu -- she was even named after a classic Diana Ross movie -- it was inevitable that success in the music scene would find her too! Mahogany makes her Zoom debut with Young Hollywood as we touch base with her remotely to talk all about her music and her online presence, including making TikTok history by being the first-ever artist to have a song in the app's Trending Music section! Her hit "Take Your Man" took social media by storm, spawning tons of covers, parodies, and skits on TikTok (including one by her own boyfriend!), and her other single "Sike" is making waves as well. And speaking of waves, she talks about the mini-MagCon reunion on Instagram, plus she dishes on being able to represent the influencer side of things at the Black History Summit and she plays a game of "The Last Time I..." where she reveals her last Facetime call, TikTok dance, home workout, and more!

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May 03, 2020 | by Young Hollywood