K-Pop: Our Top Moments with Tomorrow X Together & NCT 127

Let's face it, fam, K-Pop has taken over the world and the pop culture zeitgeist. There is no escaping it, and quite frankly, we're not even mad. With their catchy tunes, fun choreography, and perky personalities, what's NOT to love about K-Pop stars?! We can't think of anything. Which is why we here Young Hollywood always have the best time when we get to hang out with these talented young men and women! Take a look back with us as we highlight some of our favorite moments with some of the best K-Pop acts out here, including: Monsta X explaining where the term "monbebes" comes from; NCT 127 playing "Touch & Guess" in honor of their hit single; Red Velvet discussing the vibe of their American fans; Stray Kids talking about the importance of positive energy; SEVENTEEN doing animal imitations; Tomorrow X Together guessing what's in the Mystery Box; and ATEEZ dishing on their favorite Marvel characters!

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February 02, 2020 | by Young Hollywood