Kim Petras on Malibu & Reaching Out to Fans

Back in her native Germany, singer/songwriter Kim Petras knew what she had to do to make her pop star dreams come true. So, she worked as a waitress and saved all her money for a plane ticket to L.A. and a burning desire for success, and it was not long before it paid off! The past few years in particular have been some of her busiest yet, and she hops on Zoom with Young Hollywood to scoop us on what exciting projects she has coming up, including her new single "Malibu"! She describes the track as a return to the bubblegum-pop roots that she's most known for after a period of putting out more dark material. She tells us it's a single she's most excited for, not the least of which due to her fans' participation in the making of the music video! She also teases some other projects she's working on to keep busy during quarantine, like an upcoming concept album, plus she tells us other ways in which she keeps in touch with her fans while in isolation ('Animal Crossing', anyone?), and she offers advice for any of her fans who want to get on her level of success!

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May 06, 2020 | by Young Hollywood