DCappella Reveal Tour Must-Haves & Play The Song Game

Make no mistake, singers are musicians too, and their voice is their instrument. This is especially true for DCappella, the 6-member a cappella group put together and run by Disney! There is really no song that the group can't recreate just with their voices, and we are obsessed! We were also thrilled to be able to sit down with the sextet -- Morgan Keene, Joe Santoni, Orlando Dixon, Kalen Kelly, RJ Woessner, and Antonio Fernandez -- just before they headed to Japan for their brief 7-city tour of that country, ahead of their larger U.S. tour in the Fall/Winter, where we challenge them to "The Song Game" to see if they can freestyle a bop based on a one-word prompt! They also share their thoughts on filming the epic "Cantina Band" music video at Disney's Star Wars-themed Galaxy's Edge park, plus they reveal their tour must-haves and give some sage advice to others about following their dreams!

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August 08, 2022 | by Young Hollywood