Country Star Chris Lane Plays Couples Tag with Wife Lauren

Quarantine has proven to be a real pain in the you-know-what for a lot of couples, forced to be cooped up with each other for months on end. For some couples, this has exposed major problems. But for country crooner Chris Lane and his new wife Lauren, it was a blessing! Hot off of their 1-year wedding anniversary, the beautiful pair joins Young Hollywood via Zoom to prove just how #GOALS they really are! They tell us what they learned about each other during months of isolation, and Chris recounts for us the process of using his hit single "Big, Big Plans" to propose to Lauren! He also teases new music on the way now they he's finally back in the studio, plus he and Lauren play a few rounds of Couples Tag to find out which one of them is more romantic, their first kiss, and the story behind how they first met!

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November 03, 2020 | by Young Hollywood