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Olivia Rodrigo’s New "brutal" Music Vid Is Definitely Good 4 You!

08-26-2021 by Derin Yilmaz

(Olivia Rodrigo/YouTube)


Olivia Rodrigo is not kidding around with her music videos. So far, the vids for "driver's license", "deja vu", "good 4 u", and now "brutal", which came out earlier this week, are all top quality. After her record label had doubts about including "brutal" in Sour, Olivia fought for it and made "brutal" the intro track of her album! Now, it is one of the biggest standout tracks and one of the most relatable songs ever. 




After collaborating with the one and only Petra Collins for the "good 4 u" music video, Olivia and Collins collaborated once again for "brutal", and this duo never fails to amaze us. With Olivia's standout angsty track and Petra's dreamy vision, this music video is an incredible visual experience. In matching the theme with Olivia's "cute stickers all over the face" aesthetic for Sour, she now has filters all over her face in the "brutal" music video!


The representation of social media in the video, as Olivia is seen with a blonde wig and a crying filter on Instagram Live, relates perfectly to the lyrics from the song, "'Cause who am I if not exploited..." The entire track is about how brutal it is to be a teenager, especially in the social media age. Ironically, in the video, Olivia's face is constantly covered with Instagram filters, she is wearing wigs, and she drastically changes her style for each set -- reflecting that she is trapped in a social media universe and can't fully be herself.  


A lot is happening in the music video, from Olivia being a teenager in a classroom to Olivia as a news anchor and even a ballerina! All of her looks are brutally iconic, and Petra's creative magic is out of this world. Like the angsty sound of the track and most of Olivia's musical influences, the music video also gives early Y2K vibes. Olivia's plaid skirts, clips on her hair, the pink tones, glitters, and the overall Avril Lavigne-meets-Paris Hilton energy. 


Favorite moment from the music video: (0:19) The broken ankle transition to Olivia on the floor as a ballerina -- because it is indeed "brutal" out here.


Favorite lyrics: "And I'm so sick of 17 / Where's my f**king teenage dream?"


Can we sign a petition for Olivia to collaborate with Petra again and again?!