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21 Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday!

Written by Jaelen Patrick. Published: March 24 2024


Pop Quiz! What do Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, JoJo Siwa, Bella Ramsay, and Finn Wolfhard all have in common? Answer: The all have turned or will be turning 21 this year!


Turning 21 is one of the biggest milestones there is. You’re officially entering adulthood, and the pressure to bring in this new chapter the right way is on! But don’t fret! The last thing we want you to do is stress (adulthood is going to do plenty of that). So, here is a list of 21 things that you can do for your 21st birthday!


1. Have Your First Drink…or Two.

Being able to legally have a drink is arguably one of the most exciting parts about turning 21, so whip out that ID and take full advantage!


2. Relive Your Childhood

Now that adulthood is knocking on the door, take this last opportunity to reminisce on your childhood with a sleepover including a few friends, your favorite childhood movies, and maybe even a pillow fight for old times’ sake!



3. Create a Bucket List

With the help of a few friends, create a bucket list of 21 fun dares, pranks, and other crazy activities that you need to accomplish on your 21st birthday before the day is over!


4. Hit The Casino

Another perk of turning 21 is finally being able to see what a casino is all about, so why not test your luck and visit one for the first time?!



5. Take a Trip To Vegas

Speaking of casinos, visit Sin City for your big day and walk the Las Vegas Strip that’s full of bars, attractions, and, of course, tons of casinos, making it the ultimate 21st birthday spot.


6. Have a Girl’s or Boy's Night Out

Celebrate your birthday with your closest besties by hitting the town, maybe even a bar or two, and make it a night to remember!


7. Go To Brunch

One word: mimosas. Need I say more?



8. Have a Photoshoot

You only turn 21 once, so it only makes sense to preserve the moment by gettonh all glammed up and showing off what 21 looks like! Besides, how else are you going to show your kids how hot you were?



9. Host a Game Night

Invite a few friends over and play every drinking game there is! Just make sure you have the next day off because you might have to reap the side effects...


10. Get That Tattoo or Piercing You’ve Always Wanted

What better time to make these big decisions than when you’re all grown up, right?


11. Take a Cooking Class

Adulting means that mom is no longer going to cook your every meal, so how responsible would it be to take on a cooking class to hone in on your skills? The answer is "very".



12. Go Wine Tasting

Having a glass of wine feels very “adult”, at least that’s what the movies make it seem, so going wine tasting for your 21st birthday seems pretty on-brand.



13. Take a Trip Out of The Country

With this kind of milestone, you have to go big or go home, and vacationing out of the country fits the bill! Plus, you can finally book everything on your own!


14. Bar Hop

Put that ID to work and go bar-hopping in the city with a few friends!


15. Go on a Shopping Spree

Splurge on yourself one last time and go on an epic shopping spree before you have to be, you know, responsible with your money.



16. Set Up a Paint-and-Sip

For the ones who like to keep it simple, set up a quaint paint-and-sip with a few guests and let your creativity run free while sipping on a glass of wine to keep you motivated.


17. Have a Sweet 21

Why should 16-year-olds have all the fun? Throw yourself a huge “Sweet 21” party to celebrate this huge milestone. Besides, turning 21 is just as big of a deal, if not bigger.


18. Go on a Booze Cruise

Book a cruise or rent a boat and set sail on your special day where basking in the sun and sipping a fancy cocktail go hand in hand!



19. Have a Fancy Dinner

Us girls love to dress up and go out to eat, and a 21st birthday sounds like the perfect excuse to do just that, so book a reservation to that swanky restaurant you've always wanted to try and treat yo'self!


20. Make a "One Second Everyday" Video Diary

The 1SE app allows you to film one second of your day every day that is later combined to create a single movie of your life at the end of the year. So, starting on your birthday, film one second of your day everyday to later reveal what the Year 21 looked like for you!


21. Spend The Day With Family

An intimate get-together with your family for your 21st birthday is by far one of the best ideas, as your spending your day with the very people who raised you and watched you become the amazing adult that you’ve grown to be is priceless.