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Adrien Grenier launches healthy food-finding app

Entrepreneurial Entourage star Adrien Grenier has launched a new mobile application to help healthy travellers find good diners when they're on the road.

The actor has teamed up with his health-conscious pals to create the new Food Tripping tool, which gives motorists and hikers information about hard-to-discover organic and vegetarian food outlets.

He says, "If you're on a road trip and you wanna discover places that aren't advertised on billboards or road signs... there are healthier places (than fast food diners)... There are so many places out there that you can't discover because you don't know that if I take a turn off this road or that exit you're gonna find anything that you want.

"The idea is finding alternatives to fast food and often they're like local, organic, vegetarian (restaurants)... farmer's markets... just spots that are different."

Ford Motors engineers, who helped Grenier and his pals create the new app, are so impressed with the idea that they will be adding it to all their vehicles from the late summer (13).

Grenier adds, "You'll be able to voice-activate where you wanna go and it'll take you there."

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