STEEZY Dancers Show Off K-Pop Moves at KCON

There are many aspects of the K-Pop genre to love -- there's the music (of course) and the fashion, and there's also that dancing! K-Pop artists have some of dopest and most complex moves around, and if you ever wondered where they get those moves, we got you covered! Young Hollywood heads to KCON L.A., celebrating all things K-Pop, where we catch up with choreography instructor Nick Joseph, content director Jessie Ma, and dancers Emanuel Ragaza and Aiden Alizadeh, who are part of the STEEZY online dance studio based right here in L.A.! Responsible for some of K-Pop's most memorable dances, including BTS, Nick and his crew share with us the process of creating choreo for artists and some of their fave artists to work with (so far). They also offer some advice for anyone hoping and trying to pick up those crazy steps!

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August 29, 2022 | by Young Hollywood