TikTok Star Lolo Fitzmo on Giving a Platform To Women's Basketball Online

The most interesting thing about the world of social media influencers is the diverse backgrounds they all come from, offering viewers different perspectives in many areas of life. It's no different for TikTok star Lauren Fitzmaurice, better known to her many followers as Lolo Fitzmo, who brings her sports expertise to social media thanks to her stint playing basketball for Syracuse! Now, she's in L.A. putting both her athletic skills and media production skills to use in her popular social media posts which give a much-needed platform to women's basketball, including her viral all-girls 5v5 video! Young Hollywood catches up with Lolo on the court for a few rounds of "Shoot or Spill" to get the tea on her shooting skills and her life! Find out how social media has changed her life, her top requirements in a partner for a successful relationship, and whose DMs she would slide into for a little "1v1"...

March 07, 2022 | by Young Hollywood