Markell Washington & The Mian Twins Spill Compound House Secrets

Say the words "The Compound" to any TikTok fan and they don't even need to ask "which one"? We all know which one! Young Hollywood heads to The Compound where we catch up with none other than the twerking king himself Markell Washington and our fave TikTok Twins, Aisha & Azra Mian, to get them to spill all on each other and their housemates in a game of "Who In The House?" -- no need to ask Markell twice tbh! Find out which Compound members they think is the thirstiest, gets the most DMs, and hides the most about their life, plus see how they rate Tayler Holder's dancing skills and which twin is better at TikTok!

January 26, 2021 | by Young Hollywood