Kelianne Stankus Reveals Romantic Xmas Surprise From BF Chase

When Young Hollywood last caught up with TikTok queen Kelianne Stankus earlier this summer, we grilled her on her TikTok habits and her epic collabs with fellow Hype House members as well as superstars like Jason Derulo. Now it's winter and Kelianne has something else huge to hype -- a blossoming music career! Accompanied by fellow TikTokkers Tyler Holder and Nate Wyatt, Kelianne dropped your new favorite holiday song, "Feels Like Christmas", and it feels like a hit! Catching up with us via Zoom, Kelianne explains the inspiration behind some of the lyrics and also reveals whether or not we can expect more music in the near future! Plus, she dishes on a romantic Christmas surprise care of her dreamy new fiancé Chase Mattson!

December 21, 2020 | by Young Hollywood