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VIRAL ALERT: Kennedy Eurich

04-20-2022 by Meredith Reilly

(Kennedy Eurich/TikTok/@ken.eurich)


Follow Alert! If you’re not already following Kennedy Eurich on TikTok and Instagram, it’s time to click those buttons. Kennedy launched her TikTok account in March of 2020 and already has 1 million followers on the popular app, as well as 182k on Instagram. And her follower count is only going up from there! Here are 6 reasons you need to follow Kennedy Eurich right now! 


1. She’s Funny

When you need a good laugh, look no further than Ken’s page, which is filled with hysterical content that will make you wonder why you’re laughing so hard. She can even make drinking water from a can hilarious!


2. She’s a Style Icon 

We are always looking for some inspiration when it comes to fashion, and Ken’s style gives us so many ideas. If you love the “clean girl” look that is super trendy right now, she has nailed it! Her outfits consist of minimal makeup, trendy sunglasses, matching sets, fun colors, and sleek hair. We are obsessed! One of our favorite looks from her is this teal Juicy tracksuit! 


3. She Keeps It Real 

Another reason Ken’s followers love her so much is because of how transparent she is with her audience. She shares crazy and embarrassing stories that make us feel better about things like that happening to us. Check out her one storytime about a date that didn’t go how she expected… 


4. Her Cats

If you are a cat lover, Kennedy is the purrrrrfect follow for you! Her two furbabies are adorable, and a huge bonus is that she posts videos with them all the time. Minx, the older of the two, is about 11 months old and adjusting to becoming a big brother to her new kitten! 


5.  She’s Helpful 

When looking for new products, it’s always so hard to decide what to get. Thankfully, if you follow Kennedy, she has tons of recommendations from, clothes to Amazon! Currently we are obsessed with watching her new apartment in Austin, Texas, come together, and guess what? It has a blue kitchen! 


6. Her Spam Account 

You heard that right, she has a spam TikTok account called @dumbrblnd. On this account, she posts much more casual videos of things that just come to her mind. The account has over 317k followers, which is pretty impressive for a spam account.