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Rihanna's 5 Fiercest Maternity Fits!

04-16-2022 by Hannah Shariff

  ( © Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)  


Rihanna fans have long been waiting on an album, but recently they received an even bigger surprise: our favorite fashion/pop icon is pregnant! Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been dating since 2020 and have long since made it clear how infatuated they are with each other. While having a child was a welcome surprise for the FENTY founder, that doesn’t mean her life has completely changed — she’s still serving the same looks as she did pre-pregnancy, refusing to conform to society’s stereotypes surrounding pregnant bodies. 


In fact, in an interview with Bustle in March, Rihanna said that she refused to buy maternity clothes. "When I found out I was pregnant, I thought to myself, 'There’s no way I’m going to go shopping in no maternity aisle,'" she said. "I’m sorry, it’s too much fun to get dressed up." RiRi has continued to do just that, wearing whatever she wants whenever she wants to — and we LOVE it! So much so that we’ve compiled a list of our favorite pregnancy fits that the icon has continued to bless us with. 


1. The OG Fit 

This is the fit that started it all. Although rumors had been swirling surrounding Rihanna’s alleged pregnancy, the couple put it to rest with a photoshoot that was iconic AF. The loved-up twosome are the epitome of style, with Rihanna’s multiple necklaces and vintage pink jacket stealing the show.


2. Shopping for Baby Clothes

Rihanna getting overwhelmed by cute baby clothing is all of us. But the classic oversized shirt look is complemented perfectly with the short-shorts and funky shoe-sock combo. 


3. The Baddie Look 

The all-leather look will never not be badass. But Rihanna showing her bump and all the pregnancy marks is a powerful statement for women worldwide who are told to cover up them up. 


4. The Dior Look 

Rihanna’s fashionably late appearance at the Dior show broke the internet, not only due to her sassy commentary when photographers commented on her lateness, but also because of her stunning fit. 



5. The Matching Couple 

The hats… The hand holding… If anyone had any disbelief surrounding the two’s status as a couple, seeing this picture helps eliminate any critical comments. It’s everything we need and more, with the shirt totally being the epitome of Rihanna’s humor. We can’t wait to see the two as parents in the near future!