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Our Newest Obsession: Workout Dresses!

09-16-2021 by Isabella Chirico

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We have a lot of different clothing options when it comes to working out. Some of us prefer different clothing based on the activity. For example: Are you a shorts runner or a leggings runner? Do you prefer biker shorts or more traditional athletic shorts? But some of us like clothing that can be worn for all activities. Personally, I couldn’t be more thankful that brilliant hybrid creations like the “skort” exist. I mean, I can practically do anything in them! Dress it up, dress it down, play some tennis or grab some coffee... But I digress -- my point here is that exercise clothing is becoming more and more versatile. This brings me to our newest obsession: exercise dresses!


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I could go on and on about these things, but the best part about them is how easily they go with any occasion. Think about it: worried you won’t have time to run home and change after the gym to meet friends for lunch? If you invest in one of these, you won’t have to! You could literally be sweating your butt off on the elliptical with some Dua Lipa blasting at 11am and tossing a jean jacket on with some casual sneakers to grab lunch with friends at 1pm.


Most people who already have one of these bad boys would say it’s great for a variety of reasons. The first being how perfectly it molds to your body type. Not only do they feel sculpted to all unique and beautiful body types, they also give you a newfound feeling of confidence. Slip into one of these and everyone will see you radiating chic athletic power! Secondly, these dresses were built with movement in mind, so they’re breathable and ready for action. The cherry on top is how fashionable and compatible they are with just about anything in your closet. So, fashion aside, you can feel assured that you’re covered and ready to move without having to worry about any possible wardrobe malfunctions. Lastly – and my personal favorite – there are so many options to choose from. With varying prices, colors, and patterns, it’s no wonder more brands are starting to catch onto the trend.


We’re so here for this workout dress takeover!