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Our Favorite TikTok Doggies!

07-20-2022 by Jazlen Patrick



I don’t know about you, but everytime I see a dog come across my FYP on TikTok, it completely makes my day. Whether it’s one being silly or one being sweet, it’s getting a like from me.


There are so many adorable pups on TikTok, but here are some of our favorite doggies that are guaranteed to give you a boost of serotonin!           



1. Nala (@adventuringwithnala)

“She stomp, she stomp, she do the Nala stomp!”


Chris and Nala are one of our all time favorite owner/dog duos on TikTok. Nala is a Golden Retriever who loves her hikes in the mountains and doesn’t hesitate to take a dip in the water anytime she gets a chance. But our favorite thing about Nala is her infamous stomps. From her speedy stomps to her soggy stomps, Nala sure does know how to make us smile every time. Let’s take a look at some of her most popular stomps!


Which is your favorite? It’s the double stomps for me ?

♬original sound - Chris and Nala


2. Sundae (@sundaetheblacklab)

Hey Miss Sunny Girl! Sundae is a Black Labrador and is for sure the most high-maintenance one you will ever meet. Sundae makes sure to get her nails done every two weeks and keeps the cutest outfits on. But don’t be mistaken -- Sundae is also a working woman! She has had many jobs, including being a nurse, substitute teacher, security, a bus driver, and, our favorite, a Krispy Kreme manager! Sundae even has her own merch that include mugs, pillows and calendars. I told you, a working woman!


Sundae makes sure she leaves with some donuts ??

♬Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists


3. Bentley (@minidoodlebentley)

It’s everybody's favorite Mini-Doodle, Bentley! Bentley is the handsomest Golden Mini-Doodle who loves everyone but most of all, his dad. But hugs isn’t all that Bentley is good for! When it comes to a toy, Bentley is gonna tear it up, but it's all out of love right? There’s also so much more to love Bentley for -- his helicopter tail, his tippy taps, his cuddles, and the list goes on! You just have to watch for yourself. 


4. Holly & Ivy (@hollyandivy)

Holly and Ivy are the siblings that are truly night and day. Holly is our angel baby who is basically perfect, and Ivy is more of our troublemaker, but that’s okay because she makes up for it by being adorable. But our favorite part about them? These two Mini Dachshunds are the best voice-over doggies we’ve ever seen! I mean, seriously, superstars in the making. 


5. Tofu & Boshi (@tofu_corgi)

Here’s our next and final double trouble duo, Tofu and Boshi! If you’re wondering why the username only features Tofu, it's because it all started with him and soon came Boshi who stole the show. But don’t worry, Tofu still gets all the lovin’ she needs... but if you ask Tofu, she may give you a dramatic answer. With Boshi as the cuddler and Tofu as the golden child, these two adorable Corgis definitely win the Sweetest Pups Award. Sweet enough to try out some dog -riendly sweet treats for their TikTok food reviews. Dog-friendly pumpkin pie and strawberry milk tea boba, sounds good!


All of these pups definitely know how to make us smile. With all of their own personalities, you can’t help but to love them.