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First Trailer for Sam Levinson/The Weeknd Series "The Idol" Promises Another Wild "Euphoria"-esque Ride!

07-20-2022 by Heather Van Ness



"The Idol" has proclaimed itself “The Sleaziest Love Story In Hollywood” and here’s why you should be excited! 


Sam Levinson, the masterful wizard behind "Euphoria", has collabed with HBO and Abel Tesfaye (AKA The Weeknd) to bring us an entirely new story, one that includes Lily Rose Depp, The Weeknd, Troye Sivan, and Jennie from BLACKPINK. Quite the unexpected line-up that has fans everywhere excited!



So far, we know that "The Idol" follows Jocelyn (Depp), a rising pop star as she falls in love with a club owner/cult leader (The Weeknd). The teaser for the 6-episode series just dropped, and at just over a minute long, the creators spare no time as they show us a glimpse of the hedonistic fever dream to come -- pounding electronic music, popping bottles, luxurious mansions, stacks of money, steamy romance, and, of course, drugs, all against the backdrop of sunny California. As the final images pass by, a woman's voice counts the beats to choreography and she commands, “More, more, more. Orgy!” 




And that, my friends, is Sam Levinson’s mind in a nutshell: More. He has an ability to dig deep and then deeper into characters and stories, a characteristic that has garnered him well-deserved praise for "Euphoria", a series that explores the depths of addiction, loss, abuse, and love as a teenager. The show is a brutal yet beautifully stylized piece of TV. We're curious to see how that need for "more" will impact his dark exploration of the music industry. 


"When the multi-talented Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye, Reza Fahim, and Sam Levinson brought us 'The Idol', it was clear their subversive, revelatory take on the cult of the music industry was unlike anything HBO had ever done before," Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of HBO programming, said in an earlier statement. 


It’s clear by the teaser alone that Levinson is ready to serve another classic to the younger generation. We're excited to see what outfits, makeup, and new faces emerge from "The Idol", and if the teaser is to be trusted, it looks like we're in for another wild ride.