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Ethan Hawke Chases Down Dane DeHaan's Billy The Kid In 'The Kid'!

Written by D.J. Rivera. Published: March 07 2019


I don’t know how most moviegoers feel on the subject, but for me, Westerns can be a real hit or miss. I really enjoy HBO’s “Westworld", which is anything but your average cowboy show. But I guess that’s what it takes to sell one of these horse opera flicks to audiences these days, myself included. And it doesn't have to be robots or aliens. It definitely does not have to be aliens (looking at you 2011’s Cowboys & Aliens). A little perspective change goes a long way. Take actor-turned-director Vincent D’Onofrio’s attempt at reviving the stale genre of Western movies. He’ll be telling the tale of the infamous outlaw Billy The Kid. The infamous gunfighter has been the fascination of Hollywood for a long time, most notably with the 1973 classic Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. And now another entry in the long list of historical adventures from the Wild West, The Kid, attempts to give audiences a new spin on the classic legend.




Instead of following the perspective of the lawman or the wanted criminal he is chasing down, the film is centered on a young boy named Rio, who attempts to save his sister Sara from his father and then his villainous uncle. Along the way, he witnesses Billy the Kid’s encounter with Sheriff Pat Garrett and becomes involved in the two’s game of cat and mouse. The honorable Sheriff will not allow anyone to get in the way of justice, and there is no way the infamous Kid is going to go down that easily. The final year of his life is chronicled in the film, leaving the young boy to decide who to become to save his family. Should Rio follow the creed of the outlaw, or should he follow the code of justice like the man of valor? The Kid looks to take an age-old story and breathe new life into it by asking the question: Would you rather be the hero or the villain? Go into the light or embrace the darkness? 




This innovative concept had me sold, but if there are some of you who are still not impressed, the players involved will definitely help entice your interest. As previously mentioned, D’Onofrio, fresh off his run as the sinister crime lord Kingpin is Netflix’s “Daredevil”, plays Sheriff Romero for the shoot-em-up flick as well as sitting in the aforementioned director’s chair. And he has brought some of the best in the game to fill out his cast. Ethan Hawke, who is no stranger to Western films, plays Sheriff Pat Garrett, and anyone that knows anything knows that Hawke doesn't mess around. Hawk and D’Onofrio reunite once again with their Magnificent Seven co-star Chris Pratt. For this project, Pratt is practically unrecognizable as he takes a break from his typical heroic lovable goofball motif in order to fully embody the evil abusive drunkard uncle character. Actor Dane DeHaan, who I’m a huge fan of and strongly believe is one role away from greatness, takes on the coveted role of Billy the Kid. The movie’s main character, Rio, is played by newcomer Jake Schur. The film also features The Mortal Engine’s Leila George as Rio’s sister Sara Cutler. All this leads me to believe that audiences will be in for one wild adventure before all these talented cowboys ride off into the sunset.


While Westerns are a hit at the top of everyone's list, this one stacks up well compared to the rest and everyone should definitely keep it on their radar. 


The Kid will ride valiantly into theaters this Friday, March 8, 2019.




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- D.J. Rivera, YH Contributing Writer