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All The Songs We Need To See In The "High School Musical: The Musical - The Holiday Special"!

11-17-2020 by Andi Ortiz

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If you thought the title of "High School Musical: The Musical - The Series" couldn’t find a longer title, well, you were wrong.


Technically, it’s not getting any longer, it’s just becoming “The Holiday Special” instead of “The Series” for a 45-minute holiday episode, premiering on Disney+ on December 11. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


Here’s what we know: the special will bring together all the series regulars to “sing holiday staples and share their own family memories of the season, as well as offer up New Year’s resolutions. There also will be a sneak peek performance from the upcoming Season 2,” according to Deadline.


And, as an early Christmas present, we don’t actually have to wait until the 11th for part of the special. The soundtrack will be available THIS FRIDAY, November 20!


It’s unclear whether the cast will be singing as themselves, or their characters – personally, we’re hoping for the latter – and we don’t know what specific songs will be on said soundtrack, but here’s our wish list!


1. "The Christmas Song"

Please, oh please Disney+ gods, let Olivia Rodrigo sing “The Christmas Song”. Her voice is tailor-made for a ballad, and imagining her voice on “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” already induces chills.


Rodrigo’s shining moments in Season 1 of "HSMTMTS" came when she was pouring her heart out through song. “The Christmas Song” is the perfect opportunity to play in her wheelhouse without it being a sad moment this time.




2. "I’ll Be Home For Christmas"

When last we left Gina, she had managed to make it back for the second act ofHigh School Musical: The Musical, and had an offer from Ashlyn to stay in her guest room as part of a “crazy idea.”


While we don’t know for sure if that means Gina will be moving back to Salt Lake City, it would be the perfect opportunity to haveSofia Wylie sing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. In her case, it could either be wishful thinking or, in fact, a promise that she will be returning to Salt Lake City to be around for Season 2.




3. "Sleigh Ride"

Arguably one of the best moments of the Season 1 finale of "HSMTMTS" was learning that Big Red can tap dance. A close second came when Ashlyn and Big Red shared a surprise kiss.


What better way to celebrate that moment than have the two share a “Sleigh Ride” duet – and a literal sleigh ride? The clippity-clop of the horse would make for an easy tap beat for Big Red, and the song itself would make for a perfect first real date for the pair. I’m just saying...




4. "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Listen, Ricky. You’ve had some trouble expressing your feelings in the past. And though the finale made things abundantly clear, you might want to just reinforce a few things.


That said, a performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is perhaps the perfect gift Ricky could give to Nini. It could be heartfelt and sweet, as they’ve come to do for each other, or it could be big and showy. Either way, no one’s going to be mad about it.




5. "Baby It’s Cold Outside"

Have we all agreed that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a product of its time and more problematic today? Yes. Is it also the perfect weird duet for Mr. Mazzara and Miss Jenn to sing together? Absolutely.


By the end of Season 1, there was more than enough evidence to suggest a budding romance between the two teachers who have found a begrudging respect for one another. In this case, the roles could always be flipped – Miss Jenn is definitely the type to try and convince someone to stick around, while Mazarra is definitely the type to try and head out, even in a snow storm. Tweak the lyrics a bit to make it less uncomfortable, and it works.




6. "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"

If we’re being honest, Dara Renee could sing just about any song during this holiday special and it’ll be magical. But if we could have our pick, it’d be nice if it were “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. This is a song that can be a beautiful ballad or a show-stopping number. And if Kourtney deserves anything after Season 1, it’s a show-stopping number – or rather, ANOTHER show-stopping number.


But at the end of the day, we’re going to be happy with whatever we get...




7. "It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas"

Matt Cornett has one of those voices that is just begging to cover a Michael Bublé song. So let’s let him do just that – give him “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” for this special.


It’s so easy to picture EJ just walking around town with a collared coat, lending his singing voice to a montage of him and his friends preparing for the holiday. Just let him.




8. "There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays"

Of course, no holiday special is complete without a rousing group number. And for the "HSMTMTS" cast, the perfect song is “There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays”. It’s all about being together and just enjoying the season.




What holiday classics are YOU hoping to see on the "High School Musical: The Musical - The Holiday Special", and who should sing them?!