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6 Absolute Bops By Disney Stars That You May Have Forgotten About!

Written by Meredith Reilly. Published: April 29 2022


If you’re feeling nostalgic and looking for some old songs to add to your playlist, look no further because we have got the songs for you! Back in the day, Disney Stars were producing absolute bops that you may have forgotten about. Some of these songs made us cry, while others made us want to get up and dance just like Hannah Montana. Without further ado, here are 6 bops from past Disney Stars!


1. “Send it On” by Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez

First up we have what we would argue is still the most iconic collab to date. Back in 2009, these stars teamed up to sing a pop ballad about the environment for Disney’s charity Friends for Change. Trust us when we say this song will make you want to get up and save the world after listening.




2. “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly & AJ

This song was released back in 2007, and this sister pop duo did not hold back at all. Not only was this song iconic back then, but it has also actually recently gone viral on TikTok. If you still can’t picture the song, let us give you some lyrics to jog your memory: “Except for the fact it was my birthday / My stupid birthday...” Remember now?




3. “Replay” by Zendaya

BeforeZendaya was an Emmy-winning actress and Spidey's boo, she was a Disney Star with a few bops of her own! In 2013, she released “Replay”, which is the ultimate dance song. Bewarem, though; if you listen to it once, it will be stuck in your head for the next year. Wait, do you think we could get Sam Levinson to approve Z to sing this in the next season of “Euphoria”?!




4. “Round & Round” by Selena Gomez & The Scene

BeforeSelena Gomez embraced the beauty scene, she actually had her own band Selena Gomez & The Scene, and they produced absolute bangers. One of their most iconic songs was “Round & Round”, which was released in 2010. Honestly, though, not sure what is better -- the actual song, or the music video. The video was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, while Selena was filming Monte Carlo and shows Selena as s spy running around the city.




5. “Sneakernight” by Vanessa Hudgens

Back in 2008,Vanessa Hudgens was Disney’s It-girl, so it was only natural that she released a few songs apart from High School Musical. One of her most iconic was “Sneakernight”, where she just sings about putting on her sneakers and going out to dance. We love this song because it’s extremely relatable and straight to the point -- put your sneakers on and dance!




6. “TTYLXOX” by Bella Thorne

If you were a“Shake It Up” fan, chances are you made up your own dance to Bella Thorne's “TTYLXOX”. The song was actually written for “Shake It Up” and was featured on the album Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance. The title is short for “talk to you later hugs and kisses” and all the abbreviations in the song really represent the texting era we were in back then.




What are your favorite old-school Disney star bops?!