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5 Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog Will Love (And Can Safely Eat)!

11-25-2020 by Andi Ortiz

  ( © John Moore/Getty Images)  


This year has changed a lot of things. It’s changed how (and when) we see movies, it’s changed how we go to school, and it’s certainly changed how we celebrate holidays. But while traveling isn’t the safest option this year, there’s one part of Thanksgiving that is guaranteed to stay the same: your dog is still going to want every table scrap he can get. And honestly? Let him.


Or at least, let him have the ones that are safe for him to eat. Here’s a friendly reminder of what your pup can eat alongside you at Thanksgiving dinner!


[Note: every doggo is different! IF your pup has never had some of these foods, introduce them slowly!]


1. Turkey

If there’s one smell that will overpower all the rest at Thanksgiving, it’s the turkey. The good news is, yes, your dog can share the main dish with you – with some conditions.


Make sure the turkey you give your pup isn’t all that fancy. Seasonings and stuffing can create quite a few problems in your dog’s stomach. If you want to give him some turkey, make sure it’s just plain white meat with no skin or bones. Trust me, he’s going to be happy with whatever he gets; don’t feel guilty about not making it gourmet.


2. Potatoes

Once again, potatoes are something your pup will love but you can’t get fancy with. Any added ingredients are a quick way to land yourself in the vet’s office. But boiled or baked potatoes – no butter, no salt, no pepper, no nothing – will be a welcome side dish for your furbaby.


3. Vegetables

If you want a healthy side for your doggo, vegetables are a good way to go. Just keep them as they come. Celery, carrots, and apples are all good options, as long as they aren’t coming as part of your Thanksgiving stuffing. Just slice them up and you’re ready to go!


4. Bread

For me, rolls are the staple of Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re walking away from the table with anything less than 4 rolls in your stomach, you didn’t do dinner correctly. That said, 4 rolls is a LOT for your dog. Bread is fine if it’s been baked properly, but, like all things on this list, it needs to be consumed in moderation. It might be best to only give your furry friend half a roll or so.


5. Pumpkin

At the end of the day, the most important dish at Thanksgiving dinner is the dessert. After all, what’s Thanksgiving without a little pumpkin pie, right? Your pup would probably agree with you.


BUT, the pumpkin he has will be different from the pumpkin you have. While you can have it in pie form, it’ll be safer for your dog if it’s just 100% pure pumpkin. (Don’t worry, he won’t know the difference.)


Again, it’s worth noting that if your dog has never had these foods, it’s best to introduce them slowly throughout the day. He doesn’t need a whole plate when you sit down at the table. He’ll be thankful for anything, and especially thankful that he has an owner who lets him be part of the feast-ivities.