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5 Overlooked Summer Jams

Written by Rachel Yanover. Published: July 17 2014


It’s Summer, which means it's time to sit by a pool, an ocean, a lake, or just simply sit and listen to some upbeat tunes. Summer is often associated with music that makes us feel cheerful and carefree. While we all have a blast listening to the chart-topping singles and screaming along because we know every single lyric, it's always fun to discover new Summer songs, especially those that give off that Summer vibe. Here is a list of Summer songs that should be on your playlist right now!


"Marathon" by Tennis

Tennis is an indie pop duo featuring husband and wife Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. Their music gives off a modern lo-fi feel with a '50s pop vibe as well. Their song “Marathon” is perfect background music for exploring beach towns and enjoying the ocean breeze.




"Mama Do The Hump" by Rizzle Kicks

This duo from Brighton hit the Top 5 album charts in the U.K. with 10 top singles and they have toured with Ed Sheeran. It’s time we appreciate their energetic, old school hip-hop style over here in the U.S. This song is a perfect addition to a pool party playlist, and it will get all your friends on their feet embracing the Summer sunshine.




"Ritual Union" by Little Dragon

This electronic Swedish group had their debut in 2006 and performed at Coachella this past April. The lead singer Yukimi Nagano was deemed “Little Dragon” when she threw tantrums while recording and the group decided it was a fitting name. This song is absolutely ideal for driving on a Summer day with all the windows down because of its entrancing beat and futuristic sound.




"Beach" by San Cisco

San Cisco is comprised of 4 high school grads from Western Australia. Scarlett rocks the drums, Nick plays the electric bass, and Jordi and Josh are the guitar playing songwriters. As for the song “Beach,” The title really says it all: this is the perfect lying-on-the-beach-with-no-worries song. All of their music is dreamy and falls under the indie pop genre and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.




"Luv, Hold Me Down" by Drowners

Drawing inspiration from The Smiths and The Strokes, the Drowners are a Brooklyn-based band featuring former male model Matthew Hitt. Their music encompasses a garage rock vibe but with a hint of pop as well. The song “Luv, Hold me Down” is perfect for a Summer road trip with friends.




What are some of YOUR favorite Summer jams?



(Photo via Derek Jarvis/WENN)



- Rachel Yanover, YH Staff