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5 Easy TikTok Recipes You Can Make Today!

04-27-2020 by Sarrah Wolfe

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Gone are the days of scrolling through long introductions and endless pop-up ads just to get to one simple food recipe! TikTok has saved us! Now we can get instructions to make some of the best food in a quick, easy-to-follow video! 


Hopefully you've already seen the whipped coffee trend that everyone is trying, but TikTok is full of other easy recipes to spice up your kitchen life! Anything you’re craving, there’s a recipe. From breakfast burritos and Oreo milkshakes to chicken curry, TikTok’s got it all! And to prove that to you, we’re gonna highlight some of the best recipes for you to try next time you’re scavenging your fridge and pantry for something to eat!


1. Whipped Coffee


If, for whatever reason, you haven’t tried this recipe yet, you’re seriously missing out. It’s way too easy to NOT try. And the best part? You can pretty much do it with any powdered drink mix. People have been trying it with matcha, hot chocolate, and taro to make all kinds of variations!



2. Edible Cookie Dough


I think we’ve all collectively agreed that cookie dough is too good to not consume raw, and most of us are willing to assume the risks that come with eating it. Luckily, the risk is gone and you can easily make edible cookie dough with the help of some TikToks. This recipe is super easy and you probably already have the ingredients at home. It’s a perfect quick fix to satisfy your sweet tooth!



3. Chocolate Mug Cake


More sweets! Because let’s be honest, a sweet tooth will never be truly satisfied! We love cake and we love it even more when we can make it in less than five minutes! 



4. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings


TikTok also makes eating healthy a lot easier. Take, for example, these super simple buffalo cauliflower wings. All the fun of buffalo wings without the clogged arteries!



5. Pizza Egg Rolls


Yes, you read that right. Pizza egg rolls. They put pizza rolls to shame, and it only takes four ingredients! 



As a good cook and an Italian this hurts me to post... but I know some of you need to see this ?? ##allstarmoment##food##foryou##recipe##pizza

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Seriously, whatever type of food you’re craving, TikTok has it! And most of them are so easy a monkey could do it!



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