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5 Celebrities You Should Be Following On TikTok!

03-17-2021 by Amanda Almonord

  ( © Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Welcome America, Inc.)  


Social media connects us to people we’ve probably never have access to before, and TikTok seems to be the new champion of this. Celebrities feel closer than ever and they’ve made their own place on the app, sharing their latest projects, skills, and even secret talents. Here are some celebrities you should follow on TikTok!


1. China McClain (@chinamcclain)

China McClain’s claim to fame is the Tyler Perry movies she starred in with her sisters, but newer fans will remember her from Disney productions like "ANT Farm" and the Descendants movie series. Her relatable TikToks reminds us that celebrities are just like us, and that’s oddly satisfying. 



2. Lizzo (@lizzo)

Lizzo is like the cool older sister you wish you had. She radiates positive energy and constantly reminds viewers that they should love themselves, no matter how they look. Her account is so much fun and it’s great to see a celebrity be authentic to their fans online.



i used to look at old pics of myself when I hated my body & say “I was so fine back then!”.. now I appreciate ALL OF ME in the moment no matter what!

♬ original sound - lizzo


3. Lil Nas X (@lilnasx)

I have a confession to make; sometimes I forget that Lil Nas X is famous when I watch his TikToks. His account can feel a bit random at times, but the randomness adds to his charm! Recently, he put out a TikTok explaining his path to stardom and it’s an eye-opener. 



#duet with @alexachalnick lol hope she see this ??‍?

♬ Songwriting Challenge THE SECRET EDITION - AlexaChalnick


4. Charlie Puth (@charlieputh)

In addition to showing off his perfect pitch ability, Charlie Puth regularly shares his music-making process and other “nerd dork music things” on his account. Following Charlie Puth essentially gets you a free master class on how to make music, and who wouldn’t want that from Mr. Pitch Perfect himself?



#duet with @chasedelrosario if tik tok were high school I’d actually have a lot of friends. You’re on it bro great job !!

♬ original sound - Chase


5. Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)

Jason Derulo’s music was stuck in our heads in 2010 and now he’s dominating TikTok. Seriously, he’s one of the few celebrities that have cracked the social media code. The King of TikTok has a video for everyone -- if you’re into comedy, pranks, or just love watching people dance, you should definitely give Jason Derulo a follow.



Who is your favorite celebrity TikToker?