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4 Celebrity-Approved NYC Spots You Should Try

07-11-2021 by Derin Yılmaz

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Whether we like to admit it or not, knowing that Beyoncé also loves your favorite dinner spot makes you feel like you made the right choice. Especially in New York City, it becomes a challenge to pick a coffee shop, an Italian restaurant, or a burger joint, because there are so many options! That is why we sometimes need the guidance of some of our favorite celebrities with great taste when it comes to food! 


Here are 4 hot spots that you should visit when you find yourself in the Big Apple -- one of them is even recommended by a true New Yorker named Timothée Chalamet!


1. Bar Pitti

Let's start with kind of an obvious one, although it is still a hidden spot for some. Bar Pitti, opened in 1992, is a traditional Italian restaurant loved by many New Yorkers for being so so so delicious, traditional, and having the best staff! The pasta is fresh, the specials menu never fails to amaze, and, surprisingly, the atmosphere is the opposite of intimidating. Of course, it is a bit chaotic, filled with pasta lovers, but Bar Pitti always remains welcoming and homey! Beyoncé loves it, and Jim Carrey is regular, so it's time for you to try this NYC gem!


Menu Must-try: Pappardelle Alla Fiesolana



2. Mudspot

I apologize for putting this hidden gem on the spot like this, but, to be fair, Timothée Chalamet did it first when he said that Mud was one of his favorite coffee shops. Mudspot is a small restaurant in the East Village that has the coolest entrance! I happened to go to MUD one night in NYC, and I absolutely understood why Chalamet loves it so much. MUD has it all, from delicious coffee to a variety of brunch options and some of the best sandwiches, but more importantly, it has an alluring vibe that invites you in -- it almost feels like so many great books, poems, and scripts might’ve been written in there.


Menu Must-try: Iced MUD Drip + Cheddar Grilled Cheese


3. J.G. Melon

As someone who is not a burger person (I know, sue me), I can tell you that J.G. Melon is a must-try for all burger lovers out there! In addition to being the creator of Gigi Hadid’s favorite burger ever, J.G. Melon’s entire ambience is unforgettable with its dim lights, nostalgic jukebox, and cozy decor inside. They also have a fun-to-choose-from-menu, in case you don’t feel like getting one of their "famously juicy hamburgers" with a side of cottage fries. You can order a chilli cup, turkey club sandwich, grilled cheese w/ tomato & bacon, or even a Sirloin steak! Don’t forget to bring cash because all traditional and cool places like J.G. Melon are cash-only!


Menu Must-try: The cheesecake!!!!


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4. Carbone

If quarantine reminds me of one food, it is Pasta with Spicy Vodka Sauce. It was crazy to see everyone on TikTok suddenly making my favorite food, and I was proud to see the vodka sauce get the hype that it deserves! I think the truth is, everyone was craving Carbone’s OG Spicy Rigatoni Vodka, and we all ended up trying to make the best version of this dreamy pasta at home (even Gigi Hadid gave a tutorial)! Carbone is without a doubt a celeb spot as A-List celebrities like Selena Gomez and Rihanna also chose this spot for some of their infamous late-night dinners!


Menu Must-try: Spicy Rigatoni Vodka