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10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands For All Your Self-Care Needs!

06-12-2020 by Sarrah Wolfe

  ( © Mike Simons/Getty Images)  


2020 has undoubtedly taken a toll on many of our bodies. Hello, stress breakouts, headaches, and over-washed, dry, cracked hands. Add to that a civil rights movement, and it’s easy to feel helpless trying to balance the fight against racism while remembering to take care of yourself. The good news is, there is a way to support the movement while getting in some self-care.


With so many smaller, black-owned businesses specializing in beauty care, it’s a wonder why we keep buying from large chain stores with limited selections. It’s time to rethink those decisions and reinforce the demand for equality by buying from black-owned businesses who have put the time and effort in to bring you amazing products, unrivaled by those of department store shelves. And to get you started in your quest for more conscientious products, we’ve got a list of 10 incredible black-owned brands that will rejuvenate you from head-to-toe and get you ready to take on the rest of 2020. 


1. Glam Body

Founded byDanika Berry, Glam Body specializes in coffee scrubs for common skin problems like eczema, acne, and hyper-pigmentation. The brand is cruelty-free with natural ingredients and will give your skin the caffeine boost it undoubtedly needs. 


2. Golde

Of course, it’s just as important to take care of what’s on the outside as what’s on the inside. Golde takes care of both. Bringing you “superfood” lattes and face masks, it’s the perfect combination to cozy up with for a night of self-care. 




3. Eden BodyWorks

Great ingredients? Check. Affordable? Check. Amazing scents like Almond Marshmallow and Hibiscus Honey? Double check! Eden BodyWorks is a game-changer when it comes to curly hair care. With its origins in founder Jasmine Lawrence’s kitchen, Eden BodyWorks was made with the intention to bring better options to those with curly hair, and it’s guaranteed to leave your locks lush and beautiful. 


4. Papa Rozier Farms

Papa Rozier Farms is as natural as it gets. Arising from a family farm in Haiti, Papa Rozier Farms prides itself on their “Farm to Home” process to bring you natural, pure Castor & Moringa oil, both of which are incredibly effective at caring for a wide variety of skin types and concerns. 


5. PearNova

With nail salons still closed in many places, we’re left to our own devices. Thankfully, PearNova has us covered with high quality nail polishes in incredibly cute colors. Owned by Rachel James -- or as her Instagram followers know her, Rachilla -- PearNova has both gel polishes and regular polish in a beautifully selected collection of colors. 




6. Briogeo

Another option if you’re looking for great hair care, Briogeo products are packed with nutrients that will leave your hair healthy and rejuvenated no matter what hair type you have. Cruelty-free and ethically sourced, Briogeo offers a great variety of products for every need. 


7. Hyper

You’re going to be hyped for Hyper. The brand only has one product available, but don’t let the lack of variety fool you. Their Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum is perfected to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation and will leave your skin as fresh as a daisy and as luminous as the stars. 


8. Base Butter

Like Hyper, Base Butter has limited products available, but they are in high demand. And for good reason. As Base Butter’s name might suggest, radiate face jelly will leave your skin feeling smooth as butter. Founded by She’Neil Johnson andNicolette Graves, Base Butter’s mission statement says, “With every Base Butter purchase, you’re agreeing to help black women realize their potential.” Great products with an even greater mission? Count us in. 




9. Oui the People

Oui the People is here to give your shaving routine a makeover. Browsing their website will tell you all about the dos and don’t’s of shaving, like "don’t shave dry" or "don’t shave with soap." Seriously, don’t. Instead, get yourself a Oui the People rose gold razor and their Sugarcoat shave gel and say hello to silky smooth skin.


10. Beneath Your Mask

FounderDana Jackson is no stranger to the struggles of a damaged sense of self-worth, but it was through that struggle that Beneath Your Mask was realized.  Bringing products for every part of your body, Beneath Your Mask not only specializes in rejuvenating your skin but rejuvenating your spirits so that you can feel comfortable being your natural self.


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