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Taylor Lautner confused by UK phrases

Actor Taylor Lautner often finds British people confusing and can’t get to grips with certain phrases.

The Twilight star has been spending a lot of time in England while shooting the BBC TV comedy series Cuckoo. Although Taylor has a great time socialising with the cast and crew, he does find their use of language a little baffling at times.

“I spent a lot of time this trip learning the English/British language,” he said in an interview with the BBC. “It’s a little different to America so I’ve spent my time in the make-up chair asking what certain words mean…

“I’ve gotten confused with ‘cheers’ quite a bit. I often a leave a room saying 'cheers' and they are like ‘oh no it’s not goodbye’ and I’m like, oh okay. I’ve learned a lot of your awesome words and your inflections on things and that’s been really fun.”

Taylor may still struggle to get his head around the use of some slang, but there is one expression he can’t get enough of. He has been amazed by the excessive use of the word ‘cheeky’ among his co-stars, insisting it’s “quite impressive” how often he hears it.

The 23-year-old has traveled all over the world working on films and promoting the Twilight franchise, but certain cities have really captured his heart. Along with London, Taylor is a huge fan of Australian locations.

“I’ve been very lucky to travel quite a bit and explore the world, which has been amazing and it’s hard to choose one or two specific spots which are my favorites,” he explained. “I definitely love Australia. I’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne a couple of times and I love those places. Honestly, for a big city, London is by far my favorite city on earth and I’m not just saying that! Rome, Paris…the list could go on. I love exploring and see the different cultures, food and people but it’s been great to get back to London for these past few months.”

Taylor is having a great time working on Cuckoo and says landing a comedy role has been a real “treat” for him after featuring in a series of dramas.

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