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Rebel Wilson seeking sober friends

Rebel Wilson hates being single because the friends she calls on as her 'plus ones' to events usually tend to drink too much.

The Australian actress-and-comedian has been alone since she split from her boyfriend Mickey Gooch Jr. in September 2015. Her new movie is called How to Be Single and has got Rebel thinking about the good and bad aspects of flying solo.

"Sometimes you're invited to things and you have a plus one (so) there's pressure to choose like who is going to be my plus one?" she explained to E! Online. "And if you're in a long-term committed relationship, you automatically got that person. But for me I have to weigh out the factors. Who do I want to bring? Will they come? Will they be sober? All that kind of stuff."

In the flick, Dakota Johnson plays a paralegal called Alice who ends things with her beau because she wants to see what single life is like. Rebel appears as her close friend Robin, who loves a good party and vows to show her a good time, and in real life she's seemingly found a few positives in her romantic status.

"You don't have to confer with anyone," she said. "Like if I'm just going to go to New York for a few days and see a Broadway show, you can just go and do it. And you don't have to be like, 'Don't eat those leftovers in the fridge...because I want those for lunch tomorrow,' because nobody else is there in your house so you can just have the leftovers yourself."

Dakota offered up some thoughts on the matter too, admitting life without a partner can get pretty lonely.

"(The biggest downside is) not being cuddled all the time," she said. "Cuddling is just the greatest."

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