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Niall Horan: 'One Direction were not drunk on stage'

One Direction star Niall Horan has vehemently denied rumours the pop stars have been performing drunk during their tour after fans claimed to have spotted them sipping spirits on stage at a gig in Kentucky.

Video footage from the show in Louisville on Sunday night (16Jun13) shows Horan and Louis Tomlinson sharing a water bottle and pulling faces as if they were downing shots of alcohol, sparking rumours they had sneaked vodka into the container.

However, Horan, who at 19 is too young to purchase alcohol legally in the States, is adamant the stars were not drunk on stage.

In a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, he writes, "I'm clearing this one up now! This bull about us being drunk on stage! No way is that true! Ever ever! Who is making this up?... We give our best on stage every night! And for 1 person to start a rumour! Just messes it all up."

Horan later returned to Twitter after watching the video and he insisted the incident was simply a skit put on by the pair: "Ah now I get why people are saying it ! Hahah! Me and (Louis Tomlinson) do that every night! Pretend there is something in the water bottles."

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