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Brad Pitt's son is a zombie in World War Z

Brad Pitt's young son Maddox has been bitten by the acting bug after playing a zombie in his father's new horror movie World War Z.

The 11 year old was given a tiny role in the apocalyptic thriller alongside his adopted dad, who admits the youngster was eager to get on set and join in the action.

He tells People.com, "He's got a small piece in it (the movie). He's a zombie who then gets shot. I don't know what that says about my parenting!"

Abigail Hargrove, who plays Pitt's onscreen daughter in World War Z, adds of Maddox's cameo role, "I remember one day he was talking to his dad, Brad, and I remember him talking about how he had to shave off his Mohawk because he had to play one of the zombies and I was like, 'No! Not the Mohawk!' But he was very excited to be a zombie. Definitely."

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