Lady Gaga is keeping her Super Bowl spectacular a secret

Lady Gaga has given nothing away about her surprise Super Bowl spectacular in her final radio interview before the big game on Sunday (05Feb17).

The singer kept a Poker Face as she spoke to Boston's Mix 104.1 Karson & Kennedy on Tuesday (31Jan17), refusing to confirm or deny reports about her sky-high stage arrival or a rumoured collaboration with old pal Tony Bennett, who many believe will introduce her.

Asked if she'd be flying through the air at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, Gaga confessed that was her sister Natali's idea.

"She said, 'I know, let's suspend you in the air!'" Gaga giggled, but refused to reveal if she had agreed to the idea.

As for the Bennett story, she said, "I don't want to say anything or give away specifically about what you will see during the halftime show, because I don't want to ruin the surprise for everyone else, but I will tell you that it's going to be fantastic and Tony is the best there is and if he was in it, it would be fantastic!"

But she did open up about how she landed the biggest gig of her career, explaining, "There's a lengthy process to go through, meeting with the NFL (National Football League) and sort of applying and discussing what you would do in the first place... They were really excited about the show we wanted to put on. They've been super-supportive.

"They've been there every day at the rehearsal space with us and cheering me on as I rehearse. It's been great."