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Katherine Heigl mentoring high school student with CIA dreams

Actress Katherine Heigl is mentoring a teenager who dreams of becoming an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The Knocked Up star met high school student Andrea at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles Big Bash last month (Oct14), and the teenager expressed her desire to work for the CIA, speak five languages and land a real-life "big sister", according to The Hollywood Reporter.

At the event, Heigl, who plays CIA Agent Charlie Tucker in upcoming TV series State of Affairs, volunteered to help the young woman and they are now working on her application for the government agency.

Heigl says, "This young woman wants to learn five languages, become the future head of the FBI and one day donate thousands and thousands to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

"She's an inspiration. She's pretty phenomenal and after hearing her it didn't take much for me to want to help. She was so incredibly funny and charming, and I'm now doing a show (State of Affairs) about the CIA, so I just thought, 'I have to mentor her!' I want to help make her director of the CIA someday."

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