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Jessica Simpson modest about fashion honour

Jessica Simpson doesn't fully understand why she's been honoured for her contributions to the fashion industry.

The blonde star rose to fame as a popstar, but put music on the back burner years ago. While she's dabbled in acting and TV work, she's poured most of her efforts into her lifestyle venture, producing clothes, fragrance and accessories.

On Tuesday (12Jan16) Jessica was honoured at the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Gala, but the praise was a massive surprise to the star.

"You know I just don't ever really understand being honoured because I'm just trying to get to the next place all the time," she smiled to Extra. "So, here I am just trying to get somewhere else.”

Despite her coyness surrounding her fashion accolade, Jessica is more than happy to share some words of advice for the new generation of designers: “I think it's really just be yourself and don't be afraid of anything. You can do anything. I mean I have had so many fashion mistakes and I've had so many great ones but I also know how to dress people and I know like I have an eye for it, you know? It's just what your passion is, just don't ever not believe in it.”

Jessica looked radiant on the red carpet, taking her husband Eric Johnson as her date for the evening. She showed off her toned frame in a deep purple dress, which featured intricate flower detail over a nude underlay.

Talking to ET about her fitness regime, the 35-year-old revealed being a mother of two gives her all the exercise she needs. "I think being a mom is enough of a diet," she laughed. "You have to run around chasing your kids, but I do eat a lot of their corn dogs, so I have to get on the treadmill a lot to watch my TV shows."

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