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Demi Lovato: 'I'm just grateful to be alive'

Demi Lovato will never take her sobriety for granted following a battle with drug and alcohol addiction.

The 25-year-old singer was honored at the Summer Spectacular to Benefit the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention on Saturday (09Sep17), where she was recognized for getting clean.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the gala, Demi admitted that it can sometimes be a struggle to stay sober, but she works out and has therapy twice a week in a bid to stay on the straight and narrow.

"It feels amazing to be honored for my sobriety just because this is something that I decided to do on my own, and it's something that I needed to do for myself and now getting awarded for it feels incredible," Demi gushed.

"Sometimes I just look back and I'm just grateful to be alive. I'm grateful that CAST centers came into my life. CAST is a treatment center that I co-own with Mike Bayer and we, together, are able to help other people, which, in turn, makes me feel really great. And I'm able to look at what I've done and I do kind of like sit there and think, 'Wow, I'm so glad that I got sober and I'm able to help people.'"

Demi has also been working to help those affected by the devastating Hurricane Harvey, recently visiting people in Houston, Texas to lend a hand to victims.

She was joined by comedian Kevin Hart and Houston Rockets basketballer Chris Paul as they organized items at the Houston Food Bank to be delivered to families that have been affected by major floods in the area.

"It was emotional being there, but I also had Kevin Hart and Chris Paul there, and Kevin Hart is so funny so he was the comedic relief, but I had fun," she smiled. "It was great working with children."

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