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Daniela Ruah: 'Pregnancy after miscarriage is beautiful'

Actress Daniela Ruah suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant again earlier this year (16).

The NCIS: Los Angeles star and her husband David Olsen are parents to two-year-old son River Isaac Ruah Olsen, and in April (16), they announced they were expecting again.

However, the actress has revealed she also fell pregnant last year (15), but lost the baby in the first trimester.

"Last October, I had a miscarriage at nine weeks," she tells Fit Pregnancy. "Something like that hits you physically, emotionally, and psychologically, but my doctor said, 'Even if you sat on my table the whole time, this still would've happened. You have to try again.' So that's what we did, and I got pregnant on our second try. Nature is a beautiful thing - it does what it needs to do when it needs to do it."

The couple's new bundle of joy will be a girl and the 32-year-old was overjoyed when she found out she was having a daughter.

"David wanted to tell me whether we were having a boy or a girl this time, since I got to surprise him last time," she says. "So I went for the blood test, and a week later, he told me the doctor still hadn't called."

"Then, one day, I was trying to put River down for a nap, and I handed him to Dave and said, 'You try'," she continues. "Next thing I know, Dave and River are standing in front of me wearing pink dresses and wigs. My first thought was, 'Why aren't you putting him down? Now he's going to be too excited to nap!' Then I realized that they were telling me we were having a girl. I just sat and started crying, and Dave hugged me. I'd always hoped to have one of each."

And Daniela is embracing her pregnancy and everything that comes with it.

"I like being pregnant - feeling the baby moving, acknowledging the miracle that we're capable of producing a whole other being from scratch," she adds. "I feel more like a woman than ever before. There's just an all-around sensation of power."

The couple's unborn child isn't the only new addition to the Olsen family in 2016. David's brother, Ruah's co-star Eric Christian Olsen, became a dad for the second time on Thursday (11Aug16), when Eric's wife, Sarah Wright, gave birth to Esme Olivia. They are also parents to two-year-old son Wyatt Oliver.

Ruah and David, who serves as brother Eric's stunt double, met on the set of NCIS: Los Angeles. They wed in 2014.

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