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Ashley Jensen loathed Los Angeles move

Ashley Jensen was devastated when production on Ugly Betty moved to Los Angeles as she struggled to adapt to life in the city.

The pilot episode of the comedy series was originally shot in New York and the Scottish actress was horrified at the prospect of a permanent move to the West Coast when the show was picked up by ABC.

Ashley Jensen admits she never felt at home in the city and longed for her creature comforts while living abroad.

She tells Britain's Sunday Express, "We actually shot the pilot for Ugly Betty in New York and I understand New York, it's like London. Then I was told the show was being picked up and would be shooting in Los Angeles. My heart sank. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach...

"Driving the car is a bit scary and (Los Angeles is) a city without a center. I didn't know where to buy an interesting piece of cheese or pair of pants. You can't just pop into (British superstore) Marks & Spencer."

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