Couples Challenge with TikTok's Sam Kelly & Vincent Gigante

When you think of matches made in TikTok heaven, it's hard for your mind to not immediately go to Vincent Gigante and Sam Kelly! Already popular on their own thanks to their individual hilarious personalities and posts, together they make an unstoppable team with their prank videos and online personas after their romance bloomed at the height of the quarantine! Now the dynamic duo joins Young Hollywood via Zoom where we get to know more about their life as a couple with a little Couples Challenge! Find out how they first met, what comment they get the most, where they shared their first kiss, who's more romantic, and why Vincent is always seen in the passenger side of Sam's car! Plus, they clear the air on the differences between their online personas and their real-life relationship and reveal what's next for them in the world of content creation!

September 07, 2021 | by Young Hollywood