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Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Movie Marathon!

11-24-2021 by Melissa Morales

(Relativity Media)


Thanksgiving is literally only a day away and we can just taste it! The turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, cornbread -- we honestly cannot wait! But before we dive head first stuffing our faces into all of the dishes, an essential everyone needs to have on Thanksgiving Day is a list of go-to Thanksgiving movies to sit down and watch with friends and family!


1. "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

Starting off with a true classic, this short family film is absolutely adorable and great for people of all ages to watch, centering around a Thanksgiving dinner (with a bit of confusion and chaos that follows) which eventually leads to the main message of being thankful and spending time with friends. Let’s not forget about our favorite duo, Snoopy and Woodstock!




2. Lady Bird

While this is not an exact “Thanksgiving film”, Lady Bird definitely can serve for all those awkward moments during family dinners each year! With its nostalgia, humor, and tender family moments, it is a great film to watch this Turkey Day simply for being extremely relatable.




3. Free Birds

Another cute animated film to watch is Free Birds. Following a clever premise about preventing turkeys from becoming holiday dinners, it’s a great time-travel adventure that tells a story from the perspective of turkeys. What can be better than that?!




4. Friendsgiving

A film directed towards older audiences is Friendsgiving, which follows friends Molly and Abbey who host a crazy, dysfunctional, and funny Thanksgiving dinner with their crew of close friends. This one is perfect for those of us who are planning a Friendsgiving dinner with a group of close friends who love to laugh out loud!




5. Holidate

For those of us like myself who are more into rom-coms, Holidate is perfect for you! With a cheesy but cute storyline of two strangers agreeing to be each other’s platonic “plus-ones” all year to catch feelings along the way, this is definitely such a sweet, feel-good movie for us [hopeless] romantics.




6. Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Another classic and must-watch this time of year, Planes, Trains, & Automobiles is the wacky misadventures of an ad man who teams up with a shower curtain ring salesman as they both try to get home in time for Thanksgiving.




7. Dutch

Following a similar premise as the previous entry, Dutch is about a man who agrees to bring his girlfriend's bratty son home for Thanksgiving from his preppy boarding school. Things start out pretty hostile, but after many mishaps along the way, the two eventually grow closer.




8. Turkey Hollow

Last but certainly not least, another film that can be watched on Thanksgiving is Turkey Hollow. Just the visuals from the puppetry alone are great, and it is definitely another cute family movie that is especially great for younger siblings to sit down and enjoy together.




As we all prepare our meals for this Turkey Day, what movies are you planning to sit down and watch? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!