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Your Celebrity Spirit Animal (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)!

Written by Taylor Carter. Published: March 25 2017


Somewhere along the line, we started regarding actual humans as our spirit animals. We began to give this title to the people who represent our inner selves or remind us of our outward selves. Well, here are the celebrities you are probably most connected to, based on zodiac signs and your innate personalities traits.


SCORPIO: Emma Stone

Scorpio’s are dynamic, passionate, sharp-witted individuals, so it makes perfect sense that your spirit animal would be fellow Scorpio, Emma Stone. Like Emma, you are funny, intelligent, and driven by your desires. Scorpios are in touch with their emotions, which is why some of them go on to become literal conveyors of emotions, AKA actors. When it comes to friendships, you are loyal and honest, which is why Scorpios make such great friends, and why we all wish Emma was our BFF.


ARIES: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is the quintessential courageous and enthusiastic Aries. She courageously takes on a variety of different roles, never playing the same character, but always playing plucky, strong women. You are independent and ambitious individuals, who make warm, loving friends. Reese is always smiling and energetic, and we suspect you probably are too... except when you don’t get your way, but hey, you can’t help it, you’re a natural-born leader!


AQUARIUS: The Weeknd

You are a Star boy/girl! The Weeknd is a musical visionary, and similarly you are a visionary in your own passions, dead set to make your mark on the world. You possess a natural curiousity that drives you to learn new things. So, you’re probably pretty intelligent too. Additionally, you are sensitive and affectionate to those in your life, so much so you might not be able to feel your face when you’re with them.


VIRGO: Beyoncé

Beyoncé didn’t become Queen Bey on accident; she achieved legend status through hard work and keen attention to details. Beyoncé’s albums are the pictures of perfection because she works tirelessly on them, tweaking the songs until they're just right. You can probably relate because you are also a perfectionist when it comes to your own endeavors. You are loyal, kind, and practical people who choose careers that allow you to feel good, and you take it very seriously. You have queen potential in you!



You have Adele’s generous, down-to-earth spirit. Celeb-dom wouldn’t change your kind spirit or dependable nature, just like it hasn’t Adele’s. Tauruses (Taurii?) are ambitious and thrive in the arts. Being a patient individual, you don’t like to be rushed, which makes Adele your perfect spirit animal, because she certainly takes her time when it comes to releasing new music, but when it finally is released into the world, it’s pure brilliance and the wait was all worth it.


LIBRA: Zac Efron

Friendly, amicable, and attractive are all traits of the balanced Libras, including the handsome Zac Efron. Libras typically value fairness above all else; they are kind and easy to get along with, making them a friend to all. It’s also possible that’s why Zac keeps popping up in movies -- he’s so easy to work with (and look at) that everyone keeps hiring him. You may find it difficult telling people no, but it’s only because your kind heart seeks to please.


CANCER: Selena Gomez

Complicated, but in a sweet mysterious way, your spirit animal is Selena Gomez. This sign features a full range of traits, making it one of the most unique signs. Selena is multi-faceted and so are you in your own chosen path. You are creative, spontaneous, and tenderhearted, which unfortunately means you get your feelings hurt easily. If you’re anything like Selena, then you will find creative outlets to express yourself.


PISCES: Justin Bieber

Similar to Cancers, you are artistic and intuitive. Like the Biebs, you have a deep love for music that possibly manifested at an early age. You are imaginative and generous, making you an ideal friend to have around for adventures. We all know that Justin loves a good adventure too. Also, like Justin, sometimes Pisces feel misunderstood, but they are forever dreamers, which makes them one of the most special signs.


GEMINI: Nicole Kidman

You are a thoughtful, restless human being and sometimes you get lost in your own thoughts. Nicole Kidman, a fellow Gemini, also has a serious side, but it makes her comes across as regal and classy, so it’s definitely not a bad thing. On the other side of the spectrum, you are expressive and witty, which makes you pleasant to be around. You are probably the type who wants to travel the world, because you want to feel like you’ve seen it all. You are a natural explorer of thought and adventure.



Sagittarians are natural extroverts, who love people and are generally optimistic and enthusiastic about life. This is definitely descriptive of smiley Miley Cyrus, who has always been a humanitarian at heart with a loud, happy soul. Like Miley, you have a naturally curious spirit that craves change and reinvention. Style changes are a must, but when it comes down to your core, your true desire is to enact change in the world.


LEO: Kristen Wiig

You are a doer, with a get-up-and-go kind of attitude, just like the vivacious and hilarious Kristin Wiig. You love the limelight and thrive on the attention of others. You’re probably a pro at karaoke night or the star of an improv class. Let your bravery be your guide in life and maybe one day you can be a successful comedic actress, or simply someone who doesn’t let fear hold them back from their dreams, whatever they may be. You are a natural leader, so don’t let yourself follow the pack.



The most serious sign there is, Capricorns mean business. You are responsible and disciplined. These qualities are extremely helpful to keeping you productive in your work. Zayn was the first member of One Direction to do his own solo project, because Capricorns are leaders and self-starters. You and Zayn are focused, which means you are extremely committed to your passions, but you both are extremely devoted to your families as well.


(Image via Apega/WENN)


- Taylor Carter, YH Contributing Writer