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Warner Bros. Developing a 'Fury Road' Prequel About Furiosa!

10-13-2020 by Katie Marzullo

  ( © Warner Bros.)  


There are very few action movies quite as relentless high-octane as Mad Max: Fury Road, and even fewer that actually make you, like,feel things at the same time. George Miller’s 2015 masterpiece packs a whole lot of mind-blowing action sequences, emotion, and world-building in a mere 2-hour movie, and even if you never saw a Mad Maxmovie in your life, you could still follow the post-apocalyptic story in Fury Road just fine. Such is the genius of George Miller.


The movie continues to have an impact all these years later, with fans cosplaying characters at pop culture conventions and depictions of female characters like the Wives and, especially, Imperator Furiosa (played by Charlize Theron) being lauded for their nuance and depth. Indeed, though the name “Mad Max” is in the title, it’s Furiosa that lingers in people’s minds.




Like I said, the movie contains a rich amount of world-building, which Miller was only able to touch on so much within the movie’s time constraints. Furiosa’s background in particular stands out: stolen from her homeland to be a “breeder” for the evil Immortan Joe, she was found to be barren and so instead managed to become a war captain – in no small part because she had trained herself to discard her femininity; by learning to blend in with the War Boys, she was able to distinguish herself as a warrior and survive the cruel world of the Citadel.


But there is still so much that remains mysterious about the badass heroine. Enter Warner Bros., who just announced that they are currently developing a Fury Road prequel with George Miller focusing on Furiosa’s backstory. Not much is known yet about the plot (other than the pieces we can guess from what was revealed in Fury Road) but we do have a cast! The fabulous Anya Taylor-Joy has been tapped for the lead role, taking over from Charlize Theron, and Australia’s Sweetheart Chris Hemsworth has also been cast, along with Emmy-winning “Watchmen” star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.


No release date has been announced, nor any production dates, but we are already sold on all of it! Stay tuned!