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VIRAL ALERT: Flyana Boss

Written by Mary Clavering and Tori Raphael. Published: September 05 2023
(Photo: Flyana Boss/YouTube)


Here is a friendship duo “You Wish” you could be a part of! 


If you've been scrolling on TikTok recently, you have likely run into a video of two young rappers racing through Los Angeles! Two rapper besties -- Bobbi LaNea andFolayan, AKA Flyana Boss -- are giving us new meaning to friendship and cardio. If you are like us, their catchy TikTok singles have been stuck in your head for months now. 

@flyanaboss Replying to @lilnasx it’s giving thruple ? #flyanaboss#evanblummadeit♬ You Wish - Flyana Boss


What makes these two besties unique is that their social media presence has made them go viral. Ever since they released their hit song, “You Wish”, it quickly spread throughout all platforms and reached millions of viewers. Flyana Boss has genuinely made a distinct name for themselves by cultivating an engaging community of fans online. They consistently make lighthearted interviews and engaging running content that promotes their great music and their unique brand of rap.




These girls pride themselves on actively trying to reach a more unique fan base. They try to make music for an inclusive LGBTQ+ fanbase that celebrates female friendship. This inspiration can be seen in their aesthetic music videos which emphasize overt girliness and pastels! By trailblazing a new viral trend of running through their short-form content, they have been able to promote their rap music in a way that would not have been possible a few years ago. 



I mean, seriously, these two girls are everywhere! If they're not on your For You Page, they are doing interviews with Varietymagazine, Genius videos, or every podcast. These two even started their own TV series on YouTube outlining their recent successes with their new music! If they aren't on your YouTube stream, they are featured by many news outlets, including NBC News, Rolling Stones, and Vulture




These girls are definitely talented, friendly, and bubbly. Their infectious personalities would make anyone a fan instantly, and their ability to make room for themselves in the overly-saturated world of rap proves their ingenious marketing. Their warm, positive demeanor, which promotes values of kindness and acceptance, is a refreshing attitude in the rap world. There are no other rappers that are quite like this that celebrate friendship and girl power above all else!



It’s not surprising that these two have caught the attention ofMissy Elliott and Janelle Monáe. They recently announced they’re going on tour with the Janelle Monae: The Age of Pleasure North American Tour! And if they are not on your phone, they may be in your shoe store -- these girls are even doing incredible brand deals with Converse and Footlocker.



With the direction these girls are going in, you should look forward to seeing what else these two come up with. Don't worry, you can sit back and watch these two do their cardio -- leave the tennis shoes at home! The songs will get stuck in your head and are very catchy! These two seem to be everywhere right now as more and more people start catching up to these girls' successes. If you want rap music that doesn't take itself too seriously and is playful, Flyana Boss is for you!