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TV FROM AROUND THE WORLD: "Wellington Paranormal" (New Zealand)

11-29-2021 by Katie Marzullo



If you’re like me and love What We Do In The Shadows – the movie OR the FX series – and would love to see more from the masterminds behind the mockumentary following centuries-old vampires rooming together in a modern city (Wellington, New Zealand, in the movie; Staten Island, New York, in the series), then do we have a treat for you!


If you’ve seen the movie, then you no doubt remember the hilarious scene where two cops show up at the vampires’ house to investigate a disturbance, and the vamps proceed to enchant them to prevent them from perceiving anything out of the ordinary – such as a couple dudes floating in mid-air or a vampire hunter crushed under a cement block.




Well, now those two police officers, Minogue and O’Leary, have their very own series, “Wellington Paranormal”, which chronicles their investigations into other mysterious goings-on in the New Zealand capital. After seemingly having a knack for wandering into supernatural situations, their supervising Sergeant Maaka recruits them to help him solve other bizarre cases, like a series of demonic possessions, shape-shifting aliens, and more. Let the hijinks ensue!




The series, co-created by WWDITS’s Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, originally aired back in 2018 on the New Zealand TV station TVNZ 2, but now, HBO and The CW have brought it Stateside for our enjoyment! Episodes are currently available to stream on HBO Max, and I’m telling you, if you love WWDITS, mockumentaries, or Waititi and/or Clement, this is a do-not-miss!