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Thirsty For a Pint? 8 TV Show Bars We Wish We Could Visit IRL!

Written by Anya Bergstrom. Published: September 03 2023
(Photo: NBC)


When thinking about elements of a good television show, many don’t immediately imagine a bar. But why not? Bars are the quintessential gathering place for people of all ages (if you are over 21, of course!). Whether they are shoddy dive bars or upscale cocktail lounges, TV show characters often find themselves at both their highest and lowest in bar settings. It is a place for people to relieve their sorrows, celebrate their victories, and – occasionally – conduct business deals. Grab a drink, pull up a stool, and peruse through this list of our favorite fictional bars!


1. Paddy’s Pub, "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" 

The homebase for all of The Gang’s hijinks, Paddy’s Pub is a decrepit, run-down Irish bar in South Philadelphia owned and operated by “The Gang”. The staff is hostile, the bathroom is a Category C cesspool, and one episode title is even called “Paddy’s Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia”. Nevertheless, this grimy shack of a pub is the place to go if you’re looking for a rock opera, a wrestling show, or even just a plain old pint of beer. 




2. Cheers, "Cheers" 

Just hearing the name “Cheers” makes you think of a bar (and maybe Ted Danson with a dish towel over his shoulder). This iconic drinking spot serves as the backdrop for most “Cheers” episodes, and is also where bartender Sam Malone (Danson) interacts with the quirky members of his staff. The show is a snapshot into the lives of its workers, and Cheers is the central watering hole where locals drink and socialize. If you walk in at the right time, you might catch Sam hitting on one of the pretty girls or bickering with fellow bartender Diane (Shelley Long). 




3. Moe's Tavern, "The Simpsons"

Moe’s Tavern is an inconspicuous-looking joint located in Springfield and a frequent hangout of the one and only Homer Simpson. On par with the wacky energy of the show, Moe’s Tavern is just as unhinged and unpredictable. The tavern’s backroom has been the hub of the endangered species trade and was even once overtaken by a pack of raccoons. It has also taken the on the guises of a gay bar and a pet shop. With its impressive track record, Moe’s Tavern really is the bar where anything imaginable could happen. 




4. The Snakehole Lounge, "Parks & Recreation"

Less of a grimy dive bar and more of a swanky cocktail lounge, The Snakehole Lounge, also known as “Pawnee’s Sickest Nightclub”, is the place you need to be. It is the frequent hangout of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department employees, including Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), who is also the infamous creator of the high-end, VIP-exclusive drink "SnakeJuice". Make your way down to The Snakehole Lounge in your classiest outfit for a tall glass of SnakeJuice! 




5. The Bada Bing, "The Sopranos"

Not only do the drinks go down in this bar, so do business deals. The Bada Bing is a bar/nightclub frequented by members of the Soprano crime family. At any time of day, you could catch head mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) chatting with his men Silvio and Paulie over a drink while they grimly discuss their next target. Despite the glitz and glamor of the nightclub, its seedy underbelly is the location of some pretty shady business. If you’re one of the brave souls willing to patronize this club, be careful not to step into the backroom... 




6. And Jeremy Piven, "Arrested Development" 

And Jeremy Piven is as much of a nightclub as a playful parody. The name of the club is a genius play on the opening credits of the television show “Entourage”, in which the cast is credited by having their names displayed on neon lights on buildings. Fittingly, And Jeremy Piven is where the character Gob (Will Arnett) inadvertently becomes part of a young pop star’s entourage. Nice word play, right? 


7. The Drunken Clam, "Family Guy" 

LIterally anything you can think of can and will happen at The Drunken Clam. This local Quahog bar is the favorite hangout of Peter Griffin and his buddies. It is the designated man-cave where the men of the town drink copious amounts of beer, watch TV, and get up to no good. The Drunken Clam has also served as the location of a table tennis match, a piano performance, and a treasure hunt. With such notable patrons as God, Death, and Molly Ringwald, you simply won’t want to miss a trip to Quahog, Rhode Island! 




8. The Griffin, "New Girl"

With The Griffin’s very own bartender being Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), The Griffin has become the place where the group of roommates/friends Jess, Schmidt, Winston, and Cece hang out daily. It is the spot where the gang works out relationship conflicts, makes career decisions, and, most importantly, bonds over being the best of friends. The cozy interior is made even homier when Nick eventually purchases the bar with his best friend Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and becomes co-managers of their favorite bar. For all the "New Girl" fans out there, you can spot the iconic brick exterior and green neon sign of The Griffin at 3000 Los Feliz Boulevard in Atwater Village!